India is a bewildering wealth of sights and sounds. Each of its diverse regions has its own charm that has to be experienced to be believed. To a visitor, India is an everlasting journey of discovery; it has something for everybody….

Though extremely safe, India is a rather difficult country to travel without professional help. Whilst making own travel arrangements has a degree of adventure and romance involved with it, however, these thrills come at the expense of constant worrying about the arrangements and the consequent compromise on the enjoyment of the tour…especially when you are a young student or travelling with your family.

The team at Escape to India has been organising travel related services in India for decades. We have offices in North and South India as well as a network of associate offices in over 30 cities of India. Wherever you are in India, we are never far from you…

Let us help you plan your Gap Year in India. Our services include:

Gap Year Travel
Let us arrange hotels and/or vehicles for you at our discounted rates and you explore this vast country on your own. No scheduled sightseeing or intrusive guides...Or, let us customised a tour for you as per your needs and budget.

Study Tours
Due to our vast repertoire of research scholars on diverse fields and understanding of local conditions, we are particularly equipped to provide ‘research and liaison support’ to study tours on diverse subjects.

Volunteer Work
India is an exciting destination for students to do some voluntary work. With Escape to India Volunteer Work Programmes, make a genuine difference and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Village Stays & Walks
We have identified a number of villages in picturesque locations in India where we have transformed some houses into clean and comfortable accommodations without compromising the sensitivity for the locals and their customs. Participate in village community work such as teaching, farming, etc.

Biking Trips
The romance of India is best experienced on the quaint country roads, where you witness the simplicities and eccentricities of Indian rural life. Pedal into rural areas for holiday or volunteer work.

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