A whirlpool of old traditions and contemporary beliefs, India offers a fascinating world of complexities to students of various subjects

Due to the academic background of our team, vast repertoire of research scholars and understanding of local conditions, we are particularly equipped to organise study tours in India on diverse subjecs.

Besides study tours, we arrange for long-duration stays to facilitate participatory research and field-projects and also arrange research and liasion support on a number of India relevant subjects.

Mentioned below are some of the areas in which we organise WELL-RESEARCHED, METICULOUSLY-PLANNED and SCHOLAR-LED study tours that not just inform but stimulate and enlighten.


One definition of a great civilization is the magnificence of its architectural legacy, and India is surely among the foremost. It is home to almost every conceivable historic style due to its numerous intra-cultural interactions. On one hand are world famous forts, palaces, tombs and caves, and on the other hand are structures still cloaked in obscurity, off the tourist circuit, waiting to be 'discovered'.
  • Led by an architecture scholar
  • Lecture by Indian historian
  • Study a particular style of architecture or a mix of India's architectural legacy
  • Visit magnificent temples, forts and palaces
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There are more than 3650 important ancient monuments and archaeological sites in India. These structures belong to different periods, ranging from the prehistoric to the colonial period and are located in different geographical settings. They include temples, mosques, tombs, churches, cemeteries, forts, palaces, step-wells, rock-cut caves as well as ancient mounds and sites which represent the remains of ancient civilization.
  • Led by an archaeology scholar
  • Lecture by Indian historian
  • Visit the excavation sites of earliest civilization of India, the Indus Valley Civilization
  • See the relics of some of the greatest empires of India
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There is more diversity of religions in India than anywhere on earth. Apart from having representations from almost all the religions of the world, India is also the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism as well as two religions unique to India, Sikhism and Jainism. India has also played host to a number of migrant communities who have freely practised their beliefs – thus you find Jewish Synagogues, Armenian Churches, Zoroastrians' Fire Temples along with temples, mosques and churches.
  • Led by an expert on Indian religions
  • Study a particular religion or India's religious diversity
  • Participate in aarti, the temple ceremony
  • Interact with sadhus, the holy men, and learn about their world
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Traditional Paintings

Indian paintings provide an aesthetic continuum that extends from ancient civilizations to the present day. Each style of painting, glass, Warli, murals or Madhubani, has a distinct character of its own and provides an insight into the intellectual and cultural sensibilities of the people who paint them. While murals are huge works executed on walls, miniatures are executed on a small scale on perishable materials, and while Warli paintings illustrate simplicity Tanjore paintings depict richness.
  • Led by a painting expert
  • Study a particular style of painting or survey the best that India has to offer
  • Participate in painting workshops to learn a range of skills from master painters
  • See some of the priceless collections of Indian maharajas in their forts and palaces
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Indian Cuisine

Due to the vastness of its territory and diverse ethnic groups, India is blessed with an extremely large repertoire of cuisines - from juicy tender kebabs of the Mughalai cuisine of the North to the exotic Moppilah cuisine of Tellicherry in South, from tangy macher-jhol of West Bengal in the East to the spicy Malvani cuisine of Maharashtra in the West. From immeasurable variety of ingredients and methods of preparation to varied cooking practices, food aficionados have limitless options to study in India.
  • Led by a food historian
  • We pass on to you our intimate knowledge of Indian cuisines, regions and cultures
  • Interact with some of the most authentic gourmet experts
  • Learn to cook Indian food through our cooking demostrations
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Music and Dance

Indians are one of the most passionate peoples about music and dance which is truly reflected in their immensely fastidious classical and very popular folk music and dance forms. Due to huge regional and cultural diversity of this continent of a country, the music and dance forms of India too are very diverse…added to this is very unique and quirky, a more recent, Bollywood variety.
  • Led by a dance and music expert
  • Lecture by an eminent artist
  • Study a particular form of music or dance or survey the best that India has to offer
  • Go behind the scenes at traditional music and dance centres around the country
  • Connect with real people, get familiar with the fundamentals and techniques of art forms
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Arts and Crafts

The Indian handicrafts range from wooden artefacts, clay pots, terracotta products, metallic ornaments, pottery, sculptures to glass pieces. These arts and crafts are specimens of the cultural diversity and rich artistic tradition of the country.
  • Introduction to the unrivalled craftsmanship of India
  • Visit rural India where arts and crafts exist in their original form
  • Participate in interactive sessions with the artisans, craftsmen and weavers who will share their skills and stories
  • Explore the vibrant and colourful bazaars brimming with local crafts
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Birds and Wildlife

Besides the common animals such as sambar deer, wild boar, chital deer, various species of monkeys, etc, India is a great destination for a number of large mammals. India is also the last hope of tiger before it gets extinct. India is also very rich in bird-life; flocks of remarkable birds can be sighted in the various sanctuaries and national parks.
  • Led by a Naturalist
  • Visit famous wildlife parks of India
  • Study the current scenario of wildlife and conservation programmes
  • Lecture by a wildlife expert
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