India and its beauty lie in the numerous villages spread across the country. However, what most of the visitors to India get is just a glimpse of these villages…leaving them wondering what it would be like to live amongst them.

To cater to this innate desire of travellers for experiencing rural India from close quarters, we offer a unique experience of living in villages amongst the real village people.

Village House Stays
We have identified a number of villages in picturesque locations in India where we have transformed some houses into clean and comfortable accommodations without compromising the sensitivity of the locals and their customs.

Staying in these houses, you will get a feel and a taste of the real India. You will be able to interact with the community – exchanging stories with the elderly people over a cup of ‘chai’ or help the men and women working in the fields or share a laugh with the happy children following you everywhere.

Each village house has fully furnished bedrooms with good quality linen, attached bathroom with modern fittings, a small sitting area and a fully equipped kitchen. A cook and a service staff is on site at all times. Meals are prepared fresh using locally available ingredients.

Village Walks - Hikes
Our Village Houses are located in scenic Himalayan settings in North and East India. They offer peaceful stay and enchanting views and surroundings. Stays at these houses offer you the unique opportunity to experience and explore this unspoilt region on foot. Our guides will accompany you as you embark on treks – hikes that suit your interest and capabilities.

You may station yourself at a village house and explore the surrounding area or walks can also be organised that take you from one village to another and each night is spent in a different village house.

Village Volunteer Work
And while you stay in these villages, you may opt to do some voluntary work such as:
  • Teach in a Village School
  • Educate farmers on better farming practices
  • Village Hygiene Issues
  • Mother and Child Care
  • Water Harvesting
Write to us at for Village Stays, Walks and Village Voluntary Work in India.
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